Neill Kaipo Shikada

Processional Crematorium

This project seeks to implant a processional ceremony into the Floridian landscape. The strong itinerary of this project was created to facilitate Japanese funerary rights. Each space correlates to a tradition, all constructed around the central hearth of the crematorium. The itinerary:

1. Incremental sunken approach

2. Turn upon arrival

3. Remembrance space

4. Crematorium with kotsuage space

5. Burial edge walkway

Each of these spaces reflect these rights in sequence, while using the Brion Cemetery by Carlo Scarpa as a precedent to create a seperation between the sacred and exterior worlds. One key feature is the way the project uses a surrounding wall to hold the project, however it transforms that wall into the main itinerary to cross over the water.

Dam as the horizon line inside the complex

[Bristol, Basswood, Photoshop]

Incremental sunken approach toward the project. Emphasizing cleansing upon entering the site.

[Bristol, Basswood, Photoshop]

Remembrance space. Separated between communal wake [tsuya] and darker, solitary spaces

[Bristol, Basswood, Photoshop]

Floating walkway towards crematorium; leading to a space to pick out the bones of the deceased with chopsticks [kotsuage]

[Bristol, Basswood, Photoshop]

Infinite funerary edge - a pathway along the water's edge that holds the gravestones

[Bristol, Basswood, Photoshop]

Site plan


Section through the crematorium to the dam

[Draftwork, Photoshop]

Stills from the film Ikiru - reference for communal remembrance space

Sketchwork studying Brion Cemetery, solitary mourning space, and Japanese gravestones


Study models looking at topography and speculating organization

[Bristol, Basswood, Photoshop]

Speculative collage looking at connection, and itinerary

[Draftwork, Sketchwork, Drawing]