Neill Kaipo Shikada

Serial Communication

This performance was put together during a week-long residency at the B2 Center for Media Arts and Performance.

Communication is a falsehood, an anxious attempt at representation of thoughts. This performance centers around the strains of digital and analog communication, as well as the desire to escape the landscape of incessant workspace communications. Driven by motion capture technology, the projections surrounding the stage become abstracted as the dancer moves away from the central workspace. As the dancer leaves the central workspace, signals emit to two Arduinos on the desk intiating the inflation of two balloons - one Arduino recieves perfect, digital data; the other recieves analog data in the form of morse code flashing from the stagelights.

Code found here

Editted video of the performance

Sketches and ideation phase

Components of the Arduino balloon robots

Arduino robot assembled with exploded balloon

Stage setup